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Our Practice


Parts physical inventory superiority and precision are reliant on suitable planning. A Dealer Managed Services representative will conduct a virtual pre parts physical inventory audit conference with all of your crucial personnel. This certifies an efficient parts physical inventory audit by familiarizing DMS with your team and facility. We learn the facility layout, and go over a thorough pre parts physical inventory audit checklist.
Our experienced parts physical inventory audit teams will touch and calculate all parts in stock. After the parts physical inventory audit is complete a Variation Report is produced to review discrepancies. All variances are physically examined. Our service includes a complete reconciliation to the general ledger(s) of current work in process, outstanding credits, outstanding invoices and pre-paid special orders to complete this process.




We use only proficient and expert parts physical inventory auditing personnel and oversee thorough department training. The same groups of local experts assist our customers and regions year after year. Our dedicated workforce is a major contributing factor to our precision, practicality and overall success.


Planning Abilities


We plan our schedule to suit your needs. The depth of our team permits us to assist in short notice audits and multiple locations concurrently. Our objective is to have no impact on your daily operations and maintain complete translucence to your customers. We can arrange a time that best fits your needs.


Parts Physical Inventory Audit Reporting


During our follow up parts physical inventory audit meeting a comprehensive report is submitted and reviewed with your management team. Supporting documents are retained in technological format. We are able to accumulate data storage that allows us to assess and compare results year after year to certify continual improvement. Detailed parts physical inventory audit reports and analysis include reflections and suggestions, idle investment analysis, and a full reconciliation to the general ledger(s). Reports include:


Parts Physical Inventory Audit Summary - This report encapsulates total investment dollar value on-hand; investment on open work in process, outstanding credits, new and used core values, outstanding invoices and pre-paid special orders.


Parts Physical Inventory Audit Reconciliation - This report recaps the variance of the investment on hand value to the general ledger(s) book value. We compare the difference including and not including the appreciation and depreciation of investment for the fiscal year.


Summary and Operational Analysis - We provide a comprehensive location analysis. The examinations and suggestions in the report are intended to aid you in the assessment and management of vital guidelines, processes and regulations that affect the department operations. The analysis encompasses the areas of safety, security, acquisition control, document flow, distribution and receipt procedures, department maintenance, idle investment, storing proficiency, and order controls. We also perform an idle investment analysis. All of the aforementioned information can significantly enhance department operations.

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