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We offer a diverse group of services. Whether you want to account for valuable assets or need comprehensive consulting services we can meet your needs. 
We offer a distinct group of services including but not limited to:
  • Annual Parts Physical Inventory Audit
  • Training & Consulting Services
  • Buy/Sell Acquisitions
  • Relocating Facility Services
  • Dealer Terminations
  • Department Operative & Profit Analysis
  • Returns to Manufacturers
  • Obsolescence Analysis
  • Department Consulting
  • Monthly Reconciliation Services
Annual Parts Physical Inventory Audit
Audit Specialists

We provide a full-service solution including pre parts physical inventory system financial, complete parts physical inventory audit and management reports. Final parts physical inventory reports are run, analyzed, a presentation is prepared, scheduled and made. We are able to customize our services in order to help our valued clients get specifically what they need for their particular situation. Leave the auditing to the specialists and focus your attention on day-to-day operations. DMS serves as a third-party assessment with our parts physical inventory audit services protecting you from loss, excess and susceptibility to market shifts. The end result is an unbiased, exact outline of the strength and sustainability of your personnel and department. Auditing hundreds of locations nationwide, we see the best and the worst functioning departments. We make suggestions for immediate and long term development which will have an instant and long-term effect on the proficiency and profitability of your department. DMS is proficent and works with dealer computer systems including but not limited to CDK, ADP, Alliance, Dealer Track, Auto/Mate, Auto Soft, EDS, InfinitiNet, Karmak, Dominion, ACS, Reynolds & Reynolds and UCS.

Acquisition Specialists


Buying or selling a dealership can be challenging. We have proficiency with all manufacturers and provide exact asset assessment tailor-made to the acquisition agreements. Obsolescence, damaged, unidentifiable, non-returnable vs. returnable parts, and factory vs. non factory parts can be identified and reported as requisite.

Training Specialists


We send our instructors to your company to deliver training or consulting services wherever and whenever you need it. Apply the training you receive immediately with industry specific programs that are applicable to your company's operations. Our staff will work with you to implement the training programs you deem necessary for compliance, or we can help you identify applicable training requirements. We deliver onsite training customized for your organization’s specific needs. You will receive high-quality training designed to implement programs using proven techniques in the areas of financial and asset performance and operating processes and reliability. Each year our training programs help thousands of professionals nationwide. After training, attendees are able to immediately implement practices and put the information learned into action. Our course attendees are able to take the knowledge gained beyond into everyday work situations.




Relocating Specialists


Relocating is one of the most logistically challenging processes your company may ever have to face. It’s critically important that you work with a company that has the experience, processes, equipment, technology and personnel to get the job done efficiently.

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